Our Story


乔希·塞利格于1999年成立小飞机工作室,并以为儿童创作世界上最好的独创内容为目标。我们的客户包括世界最顶尖的电视台,从迪士尼到尼克国际儿童频道到BBC。 小飞机所有的节目都是于我们在纽约市南街海港历史悠久的红砖建筑工作室里创造和制作的。


本公司荣获许多国际大奖,包括21座艾美奖,一座日本国际赏,环境媒体奖和上海电视节白玉兰奖。小飞机在中国相当活跃且标新立异。在2015年迪士尼Junior收购了小飞机与优扬动画媒体联合制作的电视影集 《豆小鸭》。《豆小鸭》是迪士尼收购的第一个中国动画影集。 

In 2017, Little Airplane became part of Studio 100 Group.  The Belgian-owned Studio 100 Group is the largest independent family entertainment company in Europe, with teams across the globe creating a library of world-class animation, including Maya the Bee, Vic the Viking, Heidi, and Mia and Me.  Studio 100 Group also has six theme parks across Benelux and Germany.

Little Airplane Productions was founded in 1999 by Josh Selig with the simple goal of creating and producing the best original content for young children in the world.  Our clients include all of the world’s top networks, from Disney to Nickelodeon to the BBC.  All of our shows are created and produced in-house at Little Airplane’s studio in a historic red brick building in New York City’s South Street Seaport.  


The company's staff has been honored with many of the world’s top prizes including 21 Emmy Awards, a Japan Prize, an Environmental Media Award and China’s Golden Magnolia award.  Little Airplane is very active in China and made history in 2015 when Disney Junior US acquired P. King Duckling, a series that Little Airplane created and produced with China's UYoung Media.  P. King Duckling was Disney’s first ever acquisition of a Chinese animated series.


于2017年,小飞机工作室成为了 Studio 100的一份子。比利时的 Studio 100是欧洲最大且独立的家庭娱乐公司,并拥有横跨全球的团队,创造各式各样世界级的动画,包括《Maya the Bee》、《Vic the Viking》、《Heidi》和《Mia and Me》。Studio 100同时拥有遍佈比利时、荷兰、卢森堡和德国的六座主题乐园。