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P. King Duckling (Disney Junior)

P. King Duckling is created by Josh Selig with James Chen Gu and Eddy Bo Fan. It is the first Chinese series ever acquired by Disney Junior. P.King Duckling currently airs on Disney Junior where ratings are strong. 豆小鸭是乔希塞利格和顾辰以及范博共同创造的动画。这是第一个被迪士尼 Junior 收购的中国动画。豆小鸭目前在迪士尼Junior频道上播出,并获得很高的评价。


Super Wings (Sprout, KIKA)

Super Wings is a collaboration between South Korea’s FunnyFlux Entertainment, QianQi Animation in China and Little Airplane Productions. The global master toy partner is Alpha. 超级飞侠是在韩国的FunnyFlux娱乐公司,于中国的千骐动画,和小飞机工作室的合作品。中国奥飞是这个节目的国际玩具厂商。

DOMO Rock! (NHK)

Little Airplane Productions teamed with Japanese broadcaster NHK and the U.S. licensing company Big Tent Entertainment to release a TV special featuring the Japanese character Domo. The special stars George Takei.小飞机与日本环球广播网和美国授权公司 Big Tent 娱乐一起合作推出日本玩偶DOMO的特别节目,由乔治·武井主要配音演出。


Sing It, Laurie! (Sprout)

Sing It Laurie! is a beautiful animated pre-school show about a little girl that uses her music and her songs to help better understand the world. It is our first collaboration with Laurie Berkner.《唱吧,劳里!》是个美丽的幼儿园动画节目,关于一个用自己的音乐和歌曲来了解世界。这是我们第一次于劳里·伯克纳合作。

Meet the Small Potatoes (Disney Junior & NBC Universal)

Meet The Small Potatoes is an animated rock-and-roll mockumentary about four singing potatoes who rise up from obscurity on their Idaho farm to become international music sensations.《认识小土豆》是个摇滚音乐动画伪纪录片,关于四个会唱歌的土豆,从他们的爱德荷州农场变成轰动国际的音乐大星。

The Adventures of Napkin Man (CBC Canada)

The Adventures of Napkin Man stars Yannick Bisson as a preschool teacher who helps his students learn about emotions.在《纸巾人的冒险》雅尼克·比森主演了教导幼儿感情的老师。


The Small Potatoes (CBeebies & Disney Junior)

The Small Potatoes is a short-form series about a band of four singing potatoes who travel the world making music and making friends. 《小土豆》是一个短篇影集,跟随着一个由土豆组成的四人乐团,环游世界做音乐和交朋友。


The Olive Branch (Nick Jr.)

The Olive Branch is a series about conflict resolution. It has received key endorsements from UNICEF, Deepak Chopra, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 《橄榄枝》是一个关于解决冲突的动画影集。接收了从联合国儿童基金会、印度大师狄巴克·乔布拉、西蒙·維森塔爾中心与大主教德斯蒙德·图图的关键赞助。

Tobi! (Treehouse TV & Nickelodeon Australia)

Tobi! is a short-form series about a boy who wants to make his world a better place to live. Each episode helps preschoolers understand one pressing global issue as Tobi takes care of his world.《托比!》是一个短篇影集,关于一个想要把自己的世界变成更美好的地方的小男孩。每集在托比照顾自己的世界里帮助幼儿了解国际问题。


3rd & Bird (BBC, Disney Junior & CCTV)

3rd & Bird was commissioned by Cbeebies and was producted by Little Airplane in New York and UK.《三与鸟》是 Cbeebies 委托小飞机在于纽约与英国制作的。


Wonder Pets! (Nick Jr.)

"Wonder Pets!" chronicles the adventures of Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling and Turtle Tuck. Toys for the series were produced by Fisher Price.《神奇宠物》记载里尼小猪,明明鸭和塔克乌龟的冒险。这个节目的玩具由费舍尔普莱斯生产。

TARZAN (A Broadway Musical)

Little Airplane produced the animation for the "Son of Man" sequence that accompanied the Phil Collins song of the same name. 小飞机制作《人的子》动画序列同音配着菲尔柯林斯的歌。


Go, Baby! (Playhouse Disney)

Go, Baby! is a short-form animated preschool series that stars the voice of actor Richard Kind. 《加油,宝贝!》是个前期幼儿短篇动画影集,由演员理查德克按德主演。


The Time-Out Chair

The Time-Out Chair is a short film written and directed by Josh Selig. It premiered at the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival and was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art. 《暂停椅》是个由乔希塞利格写及导的短片。它在2003年翠贝卡电影展首映,之后被现代艺术博物馆收购。


Oobi(Noggin, Nick Jr.)

Oobi was Noggin's first original series. It premiered in 2000 and continues to air on Nick Jr. Oobi 是 Noggin第一个原创影集。在2000年首映,并且持续在尼克 Jr. 播放。