Who We Are 团队

Josh Selig Chief Executive Officer

Josh Selig
Chief Executive Officer

Josh Selig is the Creator and Executive Producer of some of preschool television's most popular shows including Nick Jr.'s  Wonder Pets!, Small Potatoes on Disney Junior, and 3rd & Bird on the BBC and CCTV in China. He is currently Executive Producer of P. King Duckling (Disney Junior) and Super Wings (Sprout). Josh has received 11 Emmy Awards and a Japan Prize. In 2013 he wrote and directed the film "Meet The Small Potatoes" which stars Malcolm McDowell and is distributed by NBC/Universal. Josh has written for The New York Times and is a regular contributor to Kidscreen Magazine, Content China and C21. 

乔希.塞利格是许多最受欢迎的幼童电视节目之创造者与制作人,包括尼克 Jr.的《奇迹宠物!》,迪士尼 Junior的《小土豆》与在BBC跟中央电视台CCTV的《3&鸟》。他目前是《豆小鸭》(迪士尼Junior)和《超级飞侠》(Sprout)的执行制作人。乔希曾获11座艾美奖和日本国际奖。2013年自编自导了《认识小土豆》的影片,由马尔科姆·麦克道尔主演,而于NBC环球播出。乔希曾为纽约时报写稿,目前也是Kidscreen杂志,内容中国和C21的定期撰稿人。

Sharon Gomes Chief Operating Officer

Sharon Gomes
Chief Operating Officer

A multiple Emmy Award winner, Sharon Gomes oversees production, business development and distribution at Little Airplane. She has produced programming for ABC, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, PBS, BBC and Disney. Sharon was the first News Anchor for MTV Networks Asia, and later became Director of MTV Asia News, creating programming for three 24-hour channels.  She also appeared on the cover of Newsweek magazine. Sharon has won Emmy Awards for her work on a medical series, as well as a Peabody Award for Rebirth, a documentary that aired on Showtime.  Rebirth also screens at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. 

雪玫瑰斯监督小飞机的制作、业务发展和分销,同时也是多项艾美奖得主 。她制作的节目曾于美国电视台MTV,VH1,尼克,PBS,BBC和迪士尼上播出。雪玫瑰是第一位亚洲MTV音乐电视台的新闻主播,后来成为MTV亚洲新闻部主任并制作三个24小时连续播放频道的节目,还曾登上新闻周刊封面。雪玫瑰因一部医疗影集制作而荣获艾美奖,并以一部在Showtime频道播出的纪录片《重生》荣获皮博迪奖,《重生》也被收录在美国9·11纪念博物馆。

Nicole Torre Producer

Nicole Torre

Tim Shankweiler Art Director

Tim Shankweiler
Art Director

Holly Eaton Script Coordinator

Holly Eaton
Script Coordinator

Beth Richman Director of Research

Beth Richman
Director of Research

Malcolm Butler IT Director

Malcolm Butler
IT Director

Jing Geng Production Accountant

Jing Geng
Production Accountant

Kermit Frazier Writer

Kermit Frazier

Joe Vitale Writer

Joe Vitale

Ross Wade  Writer

Ross Wade

A New York native, Nicole Torre grew up with a pencil glued to her hand. She studied fine arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before leaving the windy city to graduate with a BFA in film and animation from New York’s School of Visual Arts. She has worn many hats at Little Airplane, from designing Small Potatoes avatars to casting season 1 of Super Wings to producing season 1 of P. King Duckling and season 2 of Super Wings. She now enjoys overseeing the day-to-day as Little Airplane’s development producer.


Tim Shankweiler heads up the visual development team here at Little Airplane, bringing 17 years of experience in the animation and games industries with him.  A graduate of Sheridan College’s classical animation program in Canada, Tim has held positions at every phase of the production pipeline at one time or another: animation, background design and paint, storyboards, and character development, as well as directing and supervising on all kinds of projects from big network series (Nick Jr., Disney Junior, PBS Kids, MTV), to games (Robot Entertainment, Fun Go Play), to marketing campaigns (Saatchi & Saatchi, Hornet Films) and short format (Dreamworks Animation, Sesame Workshop).  Tim grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Home of Yocco’s “The Hot Dog King” and the Liberty Bell Replica Museum, and he still pouts exactly as shown in this photo whenever he gets revisions or respectable haircuts.

Holly M. Eaton is always up for a new adventure, ready to steer ahead and discover what's next! Communication, drama and how the world and people work are her main interests, and they drive her to write many things, including plays. Holly is also an educator, hobbyist photographer, tv extra, former acapella/wedding singer and all-around curious person who has had her plays read and produced throughout New York City. She hosts a podcast featuring conversations with creators called The Some Say...Podcast! A native of Perth Amboy, NJ, Holly was raised among talkers and storytellers and enjoys engaging in this proud tradition of good conversation with any takers to this day. All of these interests led Holly to pursue her M.F.A. in Playwriting from Adelphi University, and her B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Dartmouth College. At Little Airplane, Holly serves as the Script Coordinator.

Beth Richman has spent the past two decades of her career as an Educational Content Specialist and Qualitative Researcher, helping to create television series, products and materials that inspire children and support their development. As Director of Research at Little Airplane, Beth is delighted to have worked on Super Wings and P. King Duckling, as well as other projects in development. In addition to Little Airplane, Beth is proud to have worked with Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Spin Master, Sesame Workshop, The Fred Rogers Company, Scholastic, HIT Entertainment, and producers of PBS KIDS series, as well as a number of researchers and independent creators around the world. Beth holds an Ed.M. from Harvard University and a B.A. in English from Amherst College.

As IT Director, Malcolm oversees all technical operations at Little Airplane. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, he has expertise in Windows/Macintosh networking, server administration, workstation support, data archiving and audio/video production workflows. Malcolm enjoys traveling internationally, and is also a scuba diver, avid reader and wanna-be foodie. He is fluent in Japanese.

Jing Geng was born and raised in China and came to the U.S. for college. Graduated from Baruch College with her master degree in Accountancy and joined a management consulting firm after graduation. Bored yet? I’m not finished... and then she worked as a collateral field examiner for a CPA firm before she joined Little Airplane. With passions for painting and animation, she is very happy to crunch numbers for the production industry. Outside of work, she enjoys discovering new restaurants, travelling, and exploring galleries and exhibitions.

Kermit Frazier has written for several television series, including Wonder Pets! and Oobi for Little Airplane.  He helped to create and was a head writer for the popular children’s mystery series Ghostwriter and was a co-producer and executive story editor for Gullah Gullah Island.  He’s also a playwright.  Twenty of his plays have been produced in New York and around the country; several have been published.  In addition, his creative nonfiction, reviews, and short stories have appeared in such publications as Callaloo, The Chicago Review, Green Mountains Review, American Theatre and The New York Times Book Review.


A native New Yorker (yes, upstate counts), Joe Vitale started his animation career in Los Angeles but moved out to NYC when he realized how much he hated driving.  A veteran of Dreamworks Feature Animation, Joe’s written for shows including P. King Duckling (Disney Junior), Super Wings (Sprout), Pocoyo (Nick Jr.), Angry Birds Toons (Cartoon Network UK), The Insectibles (Discovery Kids, Teletoon), and Heroes of the City (JimJam) among many, many others. Joe co-wrote the animated undersea adventure film Deep starring Phil LaMarr, and has done punch-up work on approximately ten million other animated features. Joe is the creator of the iOS game Knockout Names and he once shook hands with Adam West.

Ross Wade is a writer, karaoke bard, and dice-slingin’ dungeon master. His musical, Scheme of the Super Bullies, was in the New York Children’s Theater Festival. Credits include P. King Duckling and Super Wings, but his puppy Ripley writes all the good stuff.

Chris Camilleri   Audio Engineer

Chris Camilleri
Audio Engineer

Benjie Randall Casting/Voice Over Director

Benjie Randall
Casting/Voice Over Director

Chris Camilleri grew up in Minnesota.  A background in music and an instinct for all things technical ultimately led to his obsession with sound and the production process. Chris launched his career as a recording and mixing engineer while earning his master’s degree at NYU. He joined our team in 2015, bringing with him years of experience working on Nick Jr.’s Backyardigans, Bubble Guppies and Wallykazam!  Chris continues to produce and mix music for various television networks, songwriters, composers, and music publishers.  His weekends are often spent haunting New York’s coziest recording studios, notably Dubway Studios in the Financial District and Thump Recording in Brooklyn.

Benjie Randall was born and raised in El Segundo, CA (did you leave your wallet there?) and earned a BFA in Musical Theater with a minor in Directing from The Boston Conservatory. He has been a musical theater performer from the time he was 6, earning Best Actor and Readers Choice awards. Benjie is currently the voice of Chumpkins on P. King Duckling (Disney Junior) as well as the Casting and Voiceover Director on Super Wings (Sprout).


Grace Lee Production Assistant

Grace Lee Production Assistant

Born in LA and raised in Taiwan, Grace has a background in theatre and performing arts. She’s been in several theatrical productions and is very exited to be in the business of television production. She speaks fluent Mandarin and has an abundant knowledge of the Chinese and Taiwanese culture.